Thursday, 2 September 2010

Last of the summer wine

Salad, Wine and alfresco dining
Yes the weather is changing and this week has been what I think is the last of the summer and the start of the fall. The weather this week as been getting cooler and cooler and the night is starting to draw in.  Autumn is on its way.  There is that bite in the wind the suggest that the colder weather is coming.

Tomorrow the boyo, Rh, starts school. Great day to start school on a Friday but that is what happens when you have a public holiday followed by 2 inset days,  year 7s and yr 11s induction day. All you have left if Friday for the rest of the larrikins oops sorry high school children.

At the moment I am going a good impression of this duck, gliding across the chaos while moving my feet like the clappers. The PhD students have made me work my little socks off and I appear serene and calm.  I am battling at the moment trying to get organised for the start of semester not helped by heads of departments who don't seem to realise I can not drop things and adapt my schedule to suit their needs.  I work at three universities and study at two other campuses from my workplaces talk about a tangle web to put food on the table and improve by skills so time tabling for me is a bit of a balancing act.  I am currently battling 5 different constantly changing university schedules to work out where the schmick I am supposed to be at any set time.  I just might open another bottle of that Rose that I have stuffed in the fridge.  Chin Chin...SlaintĂ©.....Prost..