Monday, 30 March 2009

Dissertation madness continues

Not getting much done creatively and it is getting to real nightmare. I often knit on the train and today I took J's vest on the train with me and everyone just stared. It may have been the size of the vest, it may have been the circulars (which I managed to pick up the other day) or it may have been that I was knitting.

I am having to knit more frequently in public thanks to my work and the lack of sanity I am getting. I find that knitting is perfect for controlling my BP and reducing the stress levels along with the frequency I call upon divine intervention. Some of my colleague can assess my mood by my knitting speed as have the nickname of Madam Dufarge. I knit when I can in meetings as it helps me concentrate or else I doodle my way through the meeting and have to be brought back to the point. It also helps me keep a control my automatic impulse to call a spade a spade reaction. Being a typical Aussie it is a little blunter than just a spade.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Half way

After some seriously long haul slugging I have managed to knit J's vest to the halfway point the back is completed. I still have not managed to get a new 4mm circular needle and my hands and arms are killing me.

The lovely man aka Husbeast, the Silverback Gorilla or J has organised a treat for me since I have been working like the clappers in the day job for his birthday - he is sending me to a dying day.. whoo hoo I get to play all day.

... hang on is he organising this so he can laze the whole day away and not be roasted by this stress bunny boiler who happens to be his wife..

I think this could be the reason why he wants me out of the house.

I have been roped into one of my workplaces talent day to demonstrate dying and other creative activities. I think I will need to get some samples dyed up on the dye day and get organised.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Approaching Mt Everest

After swatching like made for Ry's request I have lost the plot with her and suggested that she make it herself.

I had wound 10 skeins of Hacho by hand and I thought that is it I am never ever doing this by hand ever again when I get the chance I am so buying a new swift and ball winder. After swatching I cast on his vest on 3.75mm in 2x2 ribbing with 140 stitches with the extra ease he likes. Now this is the point my 4mm circulars went walkabout. I have cast on the front band on 3.75mm while I placed the back on a 4mm straight needle. Do you think I could find the mate of the 4mm. I am going to have to find the other needle and then do a lightening fast trip for some circulars. I prefer knitting on circulars as it is good for my arthritis and the weight of the project doesnt hang on my hands. With a vest or sweater for J I have no choice but to do it on circulars if I want to ever get it finished. He is a big bodied man who measures 72cm from shoulder to waist.

Mr Postman has been and I have to get some more cause while I initially planned to do a shawl for me I think this will now have to be a kimono for me. I need a couple more cardigans for work cause it is all about the layers in the office. I managed to block out the weekend lace shawl in blues so all I need know is the photo so I can update my ravelry project pages .

But here is the kicker I need to find the camera first as it also have gone walkabout too.