Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The mystery of the unexpected Parcel.

It was a quiet morning in the town of Ormskirk and the Atok family was out. So the postman, Mr Postie, left with Tyson (the dog servant)  a lovely postcard from gphigirl (ravlery name). It had a very nice picture of Atlanta and the knitter explained on the back of the card that this was her workplace view. 

Ormskirk is a village like
St Mary Mead at times
There was also one other interesting piece of post and this was the noticed by the mistress of the house, Madam Kota Atok, when she returned to the house after running errands in the city. It was a red and white printed slip that provided the information that Mr Postie had a parcel which was too big for the letter box and could be collected for the local regional sorting office.

The official postal slip
The mystery of the slip was who was sending the Atoks a parcel.  They were not expecting anything in the mail.   So with the company of Master Rh, Madam Atok visited the regional sorting office to collect this parcel.  It was an interesting package as Master Rh required two hands to carry it and other than the address there was no other indications about who had sent the parcel or what it contained.
A Brown paper parcel
Master Rh was concerned about opening the package early as he postulated that this could be an item for Monsieur Kota since it was directly addressed to him. So Madam Atok was made to wait and wait and during this time her little grey cells postulated a range of solutions and hypotheses about the contents of the parcel.

Madam and Monsieur Atok
Monsieur Atok returned from his deliberations at the local university and considered the parcel on his desktop. After inspecting the parcel he peered over the top his prince nez and declared to his wife... "I think you should open this parcel yourself".

It was a parcel inside a parcel as it had two layers of wrapping. After battling the packaging which had an excessive amount of brown paper and bubble wrap Madam Atok was left pondering a cardboard box with a label from the Schacht Spindle Co Inc. The logo had a picture of sheep milling together.

Opening the box there was a jumble of parts and number of explanation booklets.

The confusion of parts inside the box
Following the instructions pedantically Madam Atok unravelled the mysterious parcel contents and discovered that it formed a wondrous object called a Cricket Loom.

Instruction Manual
Madam Atok deduced that this parcel had been organised by her lovely husband as a birthday gift for her.

One Skein of handspun Gorse honey
on the spindle.
She methodically followed the instructions and after a couple of hours she had her first sample of work from this lovely gift.

This is an addictive activity.
I hope that you have enjoyed this post in the style of Agatha Christie. It is her 120th Birthday and as a bunch of Poirot and Marple fans the family are celebrating her birthday which is so close to mine. Even Google is getting into the Birthday celebration with a doodle logo on its home page.

Lovely Chocolate Cake yummy.
I must say Happy Birthday to another knitting Virgo, Christine from Knits in the City, who shares the same day as the famous mystery writer. It is a busy week at knit night for the birthday greetings this week.