Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Clear! There is a heart beat!

As you would have guessed I have not been well.  Many thanks for all the well wishes.  

Basically I had a bad summer fibromyalgia pain management wise which was topped with  the August bank holiday weekend from hell. The after effects of a horrible Bank Holiday Friday night where I did the timber impersonation of falling over one to many times resulted in some more nerve damage to my existing broke list collection along with the acquisition of a frequent customer points card with the Walton Centre in Liverpool. For those who don't know the Walton Centre it is a one of the top specialist neurological hospitals in the UK and is next door to Aintree Hospital.

I have been climbing out of the repeat roundabout where I have had of hospital appointment after hospital appointment again with the occasional short stay. Hello wasn't I just here just before, hang on which hospital am I supposed to be at. There was a recent Friday where I had six different neuro-consultancy areas all have a poke and prod at me thankfully the appointments were all at the same hospital and some how they were organised one after another. That is not a normal occurrence with the NHS.

I have almost finished the workplace occupational health assessments and the associated risk assessment processes for all my employers which meant that on one occasion I was three different hospitals all on the same day. Could you all just not have the same report from one occupational health service and save money? I have a occy health needs assessment next week in North Manchester but hopefully that will me for a while with a return to the regular routine consultant appointment schedule with the various consultants who have been scratching their heads with my treatment plan.  The quacks have knocked something together which seems to be working touch wood.

Knitting wise aint got anything done as I have been struggling to use the hands but that has improved thanks to occupational and physical therapy. I have almost got full hand control it is just the pinkie and ring finger of my left hand who are a little dodgy. In the middle of this drama, the academic year started again and it looked like I would not be able to do the crafts course due to the health issues but I am still hanging in there just and starting to get life back together with normal mundane chores of life like work, kids activities and household things like getting the dishes washed.  The occy health assessment next week is for the course to get the support I need to stay on course.  So life is getting better and thanks again for all the messages and I am working through crowded inboxes (email, ravelry, google, pin interest).