Sunday, 12 September 2010

Silly Socks

During my stay in Scotland I made a pair of silly socks and then I had a thought  hang on I would like to make another super silly pair of socks. I know the concept of me having a thought can be a dangerous situation and can have earth shattering dangerous consequences.

Chart 1 of the Rav Tav Socks

So feeling emboldened by managing to get one pair of colour work socks done. I felt that I would design another pair of silly socks based on the gang in the Rav Tav. So for the last couple of weeks when ever I have had an opportunity to play in meetings where knitting is frowned upon I have been doodling with a purpose. Normally I doodle in meetings without a purpose and manage to total zone out thanks to not having the knitting to help with my concentration. Some people actually complain about by constant movement and my high distractibility.  Hello sunshine I knit for a reason..... something about being in perpetual motion...  

Chart 2 of the Rav Tav Socks
So now that I have done the charts I am gearing up to do the test knitting of the pattern and to make sure my first draft of the pattern is up to scratch enough to get a couple of sock test knitters to give it a go.