Friday, 10 September 2010

Calendar Turnover

It is that time of year when I realise that we are closer to end than we are to the beginning of the year. When it gets to September I look forward to my birthday but I really get upset about the Christmas decorations in the shops. Christmas decorations can not go up until after my birthday. Yes I have a September Birthday not that my lot remember it very often.

Christmas presents
Each year I notice that decorations go up earlier and earlier and now it appears that the first week of school is when the decorations start to go out in the supermarkets. Every couple of years we have a completely home or handmade Christmas and this year is our next scheduled event. So looking at the recent decorations in the shops I have realised that it is time to get my Arse into Gear and get cracking with the Christmas gifts. Our concern is that we don't have long to go as we have 3 months or according to Ry we have 104 sleeps to go. Rh advised that Christmas this year is on a Saturday - trust my kids to be doing the count down already.