Friday, 16 October 2009

The Saga of the Great lergy

Knitting has been hiatus this week or so thanks to the Saga of the lergy in this house. Most of the family has now come down with a virus which Ry first brought home to share with us. Thank you so much no we don’t really want things like that my child...... So our school attendance records have gone down the tube this year as we have started school then had swine flu after less than a week in school, swine flu for a couple of weeks, then a short return to school (3 whole days) and then off again with this virus for over a week.

Knitting wise I seem to get a row done only to promptly fall asleep again. The Grand Aunty knitting is falling falling behind. I had cast on a Bucket hat a couple of weeks ago got so far and then ended up frogging it. So let recap in the last action plan. Got the birthday present knitted for K but did not get it blocked in time for the do so I have to give it to her next week. The BSJ was finished but then could not find the rest of the ball to make the matching pair of booties. The Kimono jacket back has been finished but I have not got any further on the left front panel. And I am now behind on my Christmas knitting tasks. I must get started soon on the Christmas swap stuff. I still have some things to finish for another SWAP which I need to get on with.

I think that half the problem may be my addiction to a Ravelry group called simply-nonsense-for-the-sake-of-fun. During the last couple of weeks my posting count has doubled and according to the last twelve months of statistics I have turned into a total chatter box in this group. So to counter the fad I think I will have to develop a new plan of action because I am not getting any knitting done at all. Another factor in the great knitting drought saga could be that I not really enthused with anything at the moment thanks to the start of winter. What autumn it has jumped straight into cold soggy days.

So the plan for this weekend is to do Chores. Yeap plan to do those horrible things like washing, cleaning, and vacuuming and maybe I will knit to procrastinate doing chores.

Action Plan for this week

  • To do all the inane boring chores round the house and therefore I may procrastinate by actually doing some knitting.