Sunday, 26 September 2010

Harvest Time

The season is definitely turning. We have had some cool nights and days. Today on the way round town doing that football mum thing I noticed that some of the hedgerow crops are almost ready to harvest. My friend K's Dad has just moved into a new house and he has an apple tree that he can not keep up to.

Apple season

I think I can see apple chutney on the hob in the near future if it lasts that long. K's Dad has promised us a bag of apples and we could be doing Tarte Tatin, Baked Apples with Golden Syrup Dumplings before getting to apple chutney. It all depends on the sprogs and what they feel like eating.

Apple Prep

The apple chutney would be a good thing as it could help with the Christmas present issues that I have.  At the moment I am scratching round for ideas and it looks like more baking and cooking is going to be done this year.

If I had this many jars done
 I would be happy.