Monday, 22 March 2010

Rav Tav Bitterroot

Well after much drama I finally manage to get a Bitterroot shawl cast on that I was happy with and got through Chart A & B fairly quickly in one night. I then had a couple of maddening days thanks to work but I was finished with Chart C by Friday night.

Then my old foe the double disaster knitting requirement hit again. Yeap I had got 1/2 way through the final chart and then I had to rip back to 1/2 way in Chart C. I had noticed that I dropped a stitch and then thinking yeap no worries I can fix this with a crochet hook proceeded to make it a complete balls up. After 2 hours the knitting was thrown across the room into the corner and my language would have be enough for Sister Xavier (my 3rd grade teacher) to put me in the corner and book an appointment in the recess for my mouth to be washed out with a bar of soap followed by a hot chilli pepper.

So a RIP back was done and Chart C was re completed. I managed to get Chart D almost finished we are talking 4 rows to go when I realised that foobar I was up the creek without a paddle again, I was almost out of yarn. In the end I fudged the pattern for the last couple of rows into one row. It looked like I would have just enough to do the bind off.

Nope I got just over the 1/2 way point I am all out of luck. I ended up scavenging yarn from a small left over ball of variegated yarn so I would have enough colour bits to blend in as a part of the bind off. I now have to sew in the ends.

After finishing this project today I have been left in a precarious position for Knit night I have absolutely no projects started. I have lots of little project bags kits prepared but I just have a meh! feeling about all of them.. I really don't know what I am going to start next. I tried starting a few items but I end up ripping back and repacking back into the project kit bag. I think I will just take some scraps with me and knit another couple of Easter eggs if I get time

Friday, 5 March 2010

First Shoots of Spring

After weeks of watching green shoots and little buds waiting for the blooms to open today I sighted a lone daffodil opening up in the sea of green grass. I have seen some buds on the magnolias and my cherry tree looks like it is going to flower soon but not just yet.

I think the late winter cold snap has held back the spring flowers for about a month and I am starting to wonder if the cherry tree will blossom.

I still can not get into the swing of some major knitting so I have been looking at some Easter patterns and found a lovely pattern for easter egss and baby chicken/ducks. I got the pattern from Purl Soho blog.

It is March and I am supposed to be knitting a Bitterroot with the Rav Tav gang but I seem to have a problem with my gauge and I am just not liking the three attempts I tried get gauge with one wool. I can not quiet put my finger on what is I dont like. I have knitted Chart A and then ripped it out three times now.