Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sea Robin's Egg Caps

Well I had finally finished that troublesome Travelling Woman no 3 and got it blocked after much determination to get it finished. It has been done and was taken slightly damp to knit night. I just had to show someone it was FINISHED!!!! Husbeast's comments of "That is nice dear", just does not cut it like afirmation by other knitters.

While it was drying I managed to complete the 2nd motorcycle girl Möbius.

Since the TW was finished I wanted a couple of quick knits to help with the Xmas list. So I cast on a Robin Egg Cap for Ry and it was such as quick knit up that I finished after knit night. I cast on the next one and finished it in a night.

I think to help get some of the knitting mojo back for the next week or so I will be doing little projects and leaving the Beast aka Js waistcoat on hold. I also have to get cracking on the birthday present knitting for K, as soon as possible. So I had undertaken action on most of the last weeks objectives.

Action plan for the next week.
  • Complete Birthday present for K, ASAP!!!!
  • Finish the BSJ which is currently on the needles and make a matching pair of booties.
  • Finish the baby kimono jacket for FM
  • One more item off the Xmas list!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Travelling Woman Number 3

Well I had got so far but I think the last pattern return of Block A of this shawl pattern has been ripped back about three times so far. I keep running out of yarn. Found a snippet added it on and still did not get far enough to cast off on the border.

I ended up have to dye a matching skein so that I get this shawl finished. So here we go tinking back the rows and lets just say I am tinking tinking and still tinking back. After another week of interruptions that have affected my ability to finish this project I still have not managed to finish it.

Last Sunday afternoon I had a little dyefest and managed a reasonable amount of dyeing. I managed to get some really lovely teals and a batch of autumn leaf colours.

During the week at the most boring inservice between sessions I managed to cast on a Möbius scarf for Motorcycle girl's girl friend. The last Möbius has been repeatedly borrowed by the girlfriend that Motorcycle girl has placed a request so that the GF has her own.

Action plan this week:
  • Finish off the Travelling Woman No 3
  • Finish off Möbius No 2
  • Get another BSJ done for yet another sprog
  • Start on Birthday gift for Kayleigh

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Möbius Finished,

Well I have knocked off some projects and I am starting the planning and organisation of others that have been in my queue for a while. The Möbius for my scooter student has been finished, blocked and is now rapped for our session on Friday. Kate got her Travelling Women on Wednesday and she appeared to really really love it.

I have finished several sewing projects and some other objects that need finishing. So I have done some seaming seaming seaming. I keep promising myself a couple of rows on my current travelling woman if I get x or y chore done.

I have to rip a section back on my Ruby Ruby cause I am just not happy about it so I am hoping to get that ripped and back up to were I was so I can finish this UFO. Now I just have to get some photos for some of my projects and then I will be able to get some the UFO checked off on Ravelry.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The First day of September

Well the First day of September has arrived and if I was the other side of the equator I would be celebrating the first days of spring but unfortunately it is the first days of Autumn here. The Arctic winds have kicked in and we have had rain and no sun now for almost three weeks now. There has been a distinctive chill in the air in the morning which tells me Winter is on its way.

It is the last week of the school holidays so I have made it a priority to finish off some UFO's and outstanding chores over the next week. Between work I hope to have a couple of chores knocked off as soon as possible.

As this month is my birthday I have been leaving hints with the family that I would like them to actually remember it for once. I am still peeved about no present last year and I have a feeling that it will be missed yet again.

The Third Travelling Woman shawl has been cast on and I am looking forward to getting it a little longer than the earlier ones. I have also cast on a Möbius for a student of mine who has just brought herself a scooter to travel in and out of university. I also have to start thinking about what preezies I have to make for Christmas and some birthdays that are coming up.

Auntie knitting is getting so far behind that I am getting to the point were it is no use panicking as I have not got time to do it.

Chris for SnB thinks I must have smoke on my needles for the last week but it really a case of my job list is getting taller and taller.