Background stuff

Top Ender, Northern Territorian living in the UK. So that’s an Aussie living in Woolly-Back country (Scoucers Liverpuddlian term for people living in the West Lancashire area on the northern borders of the city).
Two Sprogs children at home 
Ryanna, the 19 yr old University girl, who is now taller than her mother at 6’3”. She loves to point this fact out to everyone. She apparently now lives in enemy territory i.e. Yorkshire as she attends the University of York reading archaeology. Rhodri (aka Rodders or Roddy) the 16 year old foot ball fanatic. He was a Melbourne Cup baby who made it in time to win the hospital sweep. Rhodri started his first year of College in September 2013. I no longer have any school aged children.

We recently lost the old girl at 23 years of age. We have all been heartbroken. So all we have left is the dog who is the Pussypuppy (the dog who likes cat food aka the vacuum cleaner, real name Tyson) tends to warm my feet and gets annoyed when mum is knitting and therefore not patting him while he sit on her lap. Likes eating the cat biscuits and begs to clean the Wiskas spoon. He used to regularly get put back into his place on the pecking by the old girl, Cleo but now no more and also no more options of stealing cat food. Tyson gets very green eyed when ever I reach for the knitting work basket so he is often giving us the pitiful big brown eyes.

Four Letter Word - WORK 
I used to have to the four letter word WORK but I was diagnosed on Christmas Eve 2010 with Skin Cancer and Hypermobility Syndrome Fibromyalgia. Dealt with the skin cancer not really paying much attention to the Hypermobility Syndrome. After surviving Chemo and getting the all clear for now until the next review we found out that some of the chemo side effects were not from chemo but rather symptoms from the Hypermobility that I had been born with. Great deal with getting back fitter nope. I have had to face the realities of a chronic illness that means no more working but without the pay check I can not as readily feed my stash addiction.

So as of September 2013 I am getting back into a gear. Currently I am trying to destash knit but that doesnt stop me finding new additions to my horde from events like Yarndale. These days I am now browsing with a plan in mind. 

PPS I come from a very big family who are spread out across Australia and the rest of the world. Grandad was one of 21 who made it to adulthood - get the gist!