Friday, 30 January 2009

Rip Rip Wood Chip

The weekend lace wrap is a good simple pattern you would think that I would have mastered it by now but OH NO my brain has gone to complete fudge. I have had to rip this project back to the cast on at least 10 times so far. OMG when am I going to get this pattern right. I can do algebra and calculus but Lace it appears not.

The only good thing at the moment is the Bag Ladies Pattern for felted bags arrived today from Canada - Hurrah !!!!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Hey Mr Postman!

I finally got a chance to block out Evie's BSJ (aka Pink BSJ) and while getting this sort Mr Postie dropped by and delivered this seasons Rowan Magazine. There are couple of things that I would not mind but the chance I will get to knit these things for myself might be a bit of wishful at the moment.

While waiting for students today at work I hand wound the blue buttersoft DK that I ordered the other week and I also managed to print out a pattern from Ravelry called Weekend Lace Wrap.

When I was online today again in that period of waiting waiting for a student I saw some loverly yarn called lavender and sunshine and will need to find it again. I so want but that is not going to help me cause I can not remember whom I was looking at when I was on one of open access machines. The problem is that on the open access machines you only have limited ability to access websites and this means things like logging in to social networking type sites does not work. On the train home from Liverpool I cast on the Weekend Wrap as I am planning that this project will be a wind down after the mantic frantic activities of the fine art students whose dissertations are due in soon.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Pink BSJ with Crochet Collar

Work did get in the way but I have finished it. I would say that it took two full nights of knitting.

In the middle of the week I was starting the planning and organisation for our attendance at J&E's wedding in August. We have received our invitation this week and done the RSVP so it was this point that a blonde blue eyed girl (Ry) who has been a slightly green eyed girl pops up with her request.

"Mum I want to wear a crochet dress to the wedding. In my favourite colour Of course!" The green eyed monster envy has not been helped by my knitting on Rh vest along with her recently almost continuous flicking through the Rowan magazine. I started a swatch up in some of the left over teal as she said that she would not mind some of that green that I used for the Jedi jumper. It was OK initially but when I got further into the pattern it did not hang well and I had to dissuade her that it was not going to work out in that wool. So now the grand search for a yarn that is suitable and available in her favourite colour. I have had previous experience with Ry that even if I find the correct yarn for the project I could be running into some difficulties in getting the colour she would like it in.... I think I could be in for the long haul with this project.

Will continue swatch colours for her and in the mean time get on with Rh Xmas knitting request.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Return of the Jedi

Finished by Baby Harry's Pumpkin jumper and it is just so cute. Here it is modelled by Jakie.

The pink BSJ has been cast on, I will need to get a wriggle on.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Opps I have been naughty (aka Shopping)

So I went down to the local wool emporium to find some suitable wool for Harry’s Jumper. I made a bad mistake and allowed Ry to come with me but I know when she does not finish her project I frog her project so I will get all her woolly goodies. Hee – I have my eyes on that I will have first dibs on it.

For the Pumpkin pattern I found some very nice Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in teal. I also snaffled some lime green Bamboo mix for a vest for Rh. Rh has put in a Christmas request to replace his favourite lime green vest. Problem is that trying to get a hold of the colour so as a result I doing the colour thing I have this Bamboo ? mix. So I will making up a bigger Billy up for Rh from the Pipsqueaks book.

Following this little splurge in the local real world LYS I went into splurge mode online. I went off to one of my favourite sites EcoKnits. So I ended up with some Buttersoft DK by Artist’s Palette Yarns in a lovely pink and blue.  From the pink skeins I plan to do a girly Baby Surprise Jacket for Greg’s new sprog who is scheduled to turn up this week. We know it is a girl. The Blue is for me cause I just cant help myself as I am sucker for Blue.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Pattern selected

Found the Rowan book I was looking for it is called “Pipsqueaks” which has a lovely selection of patterns in it. I think I will be going the pumpkin pattern as the bands, yoke and hood are all moss stitch so it will knot up at fairly rapid pace. I want to get this jumper knitted quite quickly as it looks like we will have another Berry pudding on our hands.

Just need to get some machine washable wool for this little project on Saturday now that I have a pattern.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

The arrival of Baby Berry

Well baby Berry has finally turned up and is following his father’s footsteps about being late for everything and having his own timekeeping methods. Baby berry is Harrison John and has already been nicknamed as Harrison Ford by J.

I had already started a unisex Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise jacket for the Bump but all plans are up for revision since little Harry has weighted in at 9 pounds 4 oz. Bounced in would be a better description.

My 0-3 month old garment is not going to get to Australia in time and is not ever going to fit him. The photos indicate a well-built bubby so Plan B is the way to go. After consulting with Rh, a hoody design was suggested in a 3-6month old sizing. I do not want to do the stereotypical blue so I will have a look around in the LYS next Saturday. In the mean time I need to find a pattern as I had a rowan book that had a lot of patterns so I will need to dig it out in a hurry.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009 New Years Resolution

This year to help deal with the stress of my workplace and home life I am attempting to do undertake the 52 things in 52 weeks challenge. This challenge is aimed at utilising my creativity and improve the work life balance of my current commitments so that I don't need rescuing from the battlefront ala Simpson and his donkey.

As part of the challenge I have started this blog so that I have evidence in a real world place that I have actually undertaken activity.