Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tour de Fleece round up

My Scottish tour de fleece has been very successful. For the final score board I made my goals of spinning every day for two weeks and managed a total of 1.5 kilos of fibre which was converted into yarn.

One of my favourites
the highland tartan
This one is my absolute favourite but I dont have enough to make a cardi for me out of it. I think I will just have to keep it in a skein so I can pet it. I learn somethings about colour mixes and made some discoveries about the colours I like.

First Navajo plying (200gms)

I learnt to Navajo ply, and I worked on my travelling wheel.

Gorse yellow  (400gms)
The cows in the next field like listening to the squeak in the wheel as I was working to get wheel in better shape.

Bracken  (100gms)
It was funny to realise that my fibre selections actually match the surroundings so well.

I have 400gms of this
Bramble sock weight.
The new pipy has some querks but  she is lovely to work with and she is starting to look very beautiful. I am still working on her squeak and it may mean a new leather from saddler but it is not as bad as it was.

the Wendy
I also have some Jacob greys which was great for learning that I am not that keen about the texture of these types of fibres.

400 grams of Jacob that I think
is destined to be felted.
I have created some lovely yarns I am now trying to work out what the smick and I going to knit with these. I have more fibre as a result of the trip thanks to my collection of 4 Shetland fleeces which I plan to process within 12 months.