Friday, 17 September 2010

School notices

What is it about kids?  Why do they give you a stack of school notices just as they are running late to get them to school.

Daughter had to run for the train and she shoves a notice in her father's face as he is eating his weetabix. Of course she is doing the selective parent option. You know the scheming of a girl-child using her guile on her father. Oh the innocent wide blue eyes, the fluttering eye lashes and that tight grip she has on his heart strings. 

"Can I pleeeaaaaseeeeee (please) go on the Greece trip? It will help with Ancient History".  

Manipulate? Who me? Never!
We will think about it!

 The cheeky boyo.
If it is not that kid it is the other one. He is already 10 minutes late ie you are supposed to leave at 8:45 and it is 8:55 my boyo. They take the register at 9:00. I know we are only 10 doors down the street but there is no way you will be able to get down the street and across in the traffic in less than 5 minutes. He promptly hands you a stack of notes, demands the lunch money and expects you to cover another text book while juggling the telephone and the mechanics of getting yourself to work.
They are all MAD buggers in this house

Then just after you have said nope cannot or yeap can do x or y, read the 10 pages of notices, filled in multiple reply slips and got him out the door to school you notice that he has left half the sodding urgently required slips behind along with the lunch money and PE Kit.  You then have to get yourself up to the school front reception desk and she is laughing at you cause you look and sound like a screaming banshee. 

Days like this if you are anything like me you would rather turn around and go back to your bed or sit in the sun and knit or spin.