Friday, 3 September 2010

Hey Mr Postman! and the ParcelForce Saga.

I have been waiting for the post for about 8 weeks now. There have been things on their way to me for longer than that and I am not known for a supreme amount of patience. I am patient to a point - and that point is not far from the end of my arms.

Have you got a parcel for meeeee pls?
The mail man knows it has been bad.  I have been mugging him each day and he knows that I am waiting for some parcels.  I got a tada this morning and he waited to see what it was. Sorry mate it is some yarn I was waiting for this but it is not the super super dooper package that I am really really waiting for.  You know the one that you are burning up with desire for.....

Tada here is your parcel
The other thing besides the mail is I have been waiting for my Webs order.  Order was done back in late June. I had hoped that it would be here before we left in August but that was blown out of the water. I got the letter when we came back saying I had to pay some import duty, did that and organised a delivery day with Parcel Force.  The delivery day was last Friday 27th August.

As it was a no show, I got onto the blower on Monday to the depo to say oi where is my package and they advise it is not in the depo.  What do you mean not in the bleep bleep depo...  So I have been on the phone each day this week and the gang in the depo all know me.. The address, surname and the australian accent... I don't even have to say the details I just have to open my gob.

So today the package had been found and was scheduled to come out to me between 11 and 2pm.  No sodding sign of it. I gave it to 3:30pm to find out where is my parcel.....  Phoned the depo it was delivered at 2:05pm - no it sodding was not cause I have been here on the door stop waiting waiting waiting for it....

I love my Postie but hate Parcelforce.
One quivering depot clerk who has learnt the lesson of never upsetting a fibre addict waiting for their fix - Ok Mrs C I will call the driver and find out what he did with your parcel. It turns out he delivered it 10 doors down the road to the light shop.. A quick leg up the street to the light shop. Thankfully the parcel was there and they had not opened it I could see the light shop man going WTF these are not globes or fittings.

Now I have to find the camera to flash the recent stash addition.