Monday, 29 June 2009

One sock hiatus

Normally I do not have a problem with finishing a pair of socks off but at the moment I am suffering from one sock hiatus. Now it could be due to the current workload of trying to sort out the end of the financial year documentation. All the nursing students who are coming out the wood work require specialist tuition and just being a busy mom.

Or it could be the fact that I am down to three needles and St Anthony has not kicked in and found the missing two other needles although there has been frequent requests. You are slacking St Anthony you are normally more efficient and effective than this.

Have a one sock hiatus in this household should technically be a problem as J technically only wears one sock – the stump sock. But I was not knitting for him I was knitting for our size 0 (US) size 6 (UK) Skinny Minnie of a daughter with her long and very narrow foot. Unfortunately this means that the finished sock will not fit on the stump. I could make it fit but the thought of even more amputation on that leg he just won’t agree to. Why what’s wrong with another two or three inches off that leg. “ More like 6 since it includes the knee joint”. Ok Ok so that won’t work but it was a potential solution to the issue.

So the solution is ....... Well we could do several things like tidy round the couch to find the missing dpns. Nah sounds too much like housework. Wait for the payments to come in and then buy a new set of dpns. Knowing my luck the sods will be slow in payment and when I finally get the cash the buggers won’t be in stock or I buy another set and the missing miscreants turn up. I think I will fall by that old faithful stop looking and then they will turn up all by themselves since they are no longer being the centre of attention.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Buggy's Bee Socks

Well after a little pottering round yesterday I finally got to caste on for the second time (first time had to be frogged) the Daughter's next pair of socks. Was at Preston SNB session and MrsTessyman had skein of Buzz by Wyndwitch which was so appropriate for the daughter who has the multiple nick names around Buggy or Bugsy. So yours truly ordered some up pronto. The dilemma was how long would she want the socks - daughter has two sock lengths - short ankle highs and long knee highs (especially when you see how long those legs are). So being prepared I think make that two skeins cause knowing her she will want them long again.

What do you know she wants them short! So this means I am going to have some left overs which I think I will try and do her a pair of fingerless mittens to match her socks.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Revenge of the Dwarf

So I thought I had vanquished the Poison Dwarf who had been piling up my workload and found the top of my desk. So I thought that a wee dram would be a good celebratory activity but oh no I didn’t stop at one wee dram. Suddenly it was one dram, two dram and then three dram that was then matched by the knit 1, tink 2 and then who knows WTH is going on with my stitches here.

This morning after the abandonment of play very late last night there was a bear with a sore head walking around the house that found that she did not like sunlight and had a lot of ripping to do to get back to the status quo of stability in the pattern.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Vanquished the Poison dwarf

After a couple of weeks of ups and downs thanks to changes at home and work, I have finally vanquished the poison dwarf who had been repeatedly responsible for the piling up the paper work on my work desk. Success! I have found the laminate wood pattern that I knew was there but had not seen since who knows when, probably Christmas!

As some know we are a family of vertical filers in the household but my desk is one place where I really don't like vertical filing as it means that I lose work that I need to attend to as I have to work top down so that I can find the keyboard and the mouse.

At home I thought I had got the kids trained to leave MUM's desk well alone but lately with rearrangements this rule has seemed to go out the window along with many others.

Work wise it looks like I am being roped into lots of summer support for allied health students so that means I probably get split shift days which I don’t mind as it means I get some time to do things I like doing in the daylight such as dying and knitting complicate lace patterns. Yes I do have more than one project on the go as there are different projects for different situations ie kids football, school plays, waiting for students. Simple socks are a good standby for pickup and put down projects along with repetitive boring expansive knitting like miles of stocking stitch for the husbeast jumper/vest etc. [ the man has a very very long body from shoulder to waist!!!]

One of the real irks for me in the last couple of weeks has been how work has impacted on my knitting mojo and my lack of progression on several projects. It really really does not help when you are rolling in the front door at its almost 9pm at night and you have been up since before 5am and basically have worked for almost 15 hours with only very short breaks to get a sandwich or a wee wonder in.

Whoo hoo I actually slept in this morning and by 10:20 managed to clear the desk to the point where thought hey you can do all the updates you like and then spend some time knitting before seeing students this afternoon. So Update Done Check! Off to knit in the sunshine Check!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Poison Dwarf Attack

The Poison dwarf has been attacking me at work and home and somehow keeps adding more things to the desk so I have not been knitting as much as I like. I know the top of the desk is a wood finish but I just cannot quiet remember what colour it is.

Knitting has been on hold as I have been flat out with work, coming home at night and then crashing out.  I have been a quiet as the local graveyard on a cold wet snowy day.  The end of the academic year is catching up with me. I really need a good week or two away recharging the bunny batteries. This Duracell bunny has run out of juice.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

UK Ravelry Day!

Well I had a lovely day in a wet and slightly windy Coventry today. After setting off with plenty of time we got there just in Time the city planner who designed that ring road system should be shot.

It was a lovely day and I indulged in some stash collection activities which have unsurprisingly made their way home to my hummm its pretty pile and now have the question of will I have enough for whatever project I have envisioned.

Unfortunately by mid-afternoon I was totally shattered to the point where I could not keep the eyes open. I ended up calling up the tiddlywinks to ask for husbeast to come and collect me early. They have had a lovely day playing tourist and visiting the Cathedral sites! After a mini siesta in the coffee shop much to the amusement of other Ravellers I was removed back to the hotel for a further snoozing to recuperate from my over activity at the UK Ravelry Day.

Watch out I have already advised that family I am booking in for the week camp next year in Stirling and I AM GOING come rain, hail or sunshine! Which means that come hell or high water I will be there what that’s the plan any way.