Monday, 20 July 2009

Buggy's Bee Socks 2

Since she wanted short socks I have managed to knit another pair out of the Buzz Sock yarn that I had ordered from Wyndwitch because I thought the daughter would choose a long line design. So we have managed another pair of anklet socks. Managed to get the second pair finished in time for her to take them off to France with her last week.

With Graduation on this week I am not expecting much in the way of knitting time. This week seems to be one graduation after another. As an usher I have to be there an hour ahead and battle with traffic and car parking gnomes. I have been allocated disabled parking but as per normal I think I will have to battle getting my allocated position.

Since I will be able to be seen on television screening I can not even do a sock in the corner type job during the speeches. As I have only one or two students when not at graduation hopefully I will get some knitting done in the off times and in the evening as I am starting to get behind on the great aunty knitting in my queue. Some of the babies will be here before I get their gifts done.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sill in Sock hiatus but one of the Marx Brothers ops sisters is in Country

Well I am supposed to have finished this pair of socks by this week but the sock is still not started possibly due to needles disappearing with child. But who cares one of the trouble trio is in the country so that makes a duo of us in the UK. Watch out Essex here come some wild girls who are out to Party.