Thursday, 26 February 2009

Xmas Vest Completed

Rh Xmas request has been completely finished except for the damn photo.

I have finished a couple of more wash cloths this week as it I have not been up to a big knit project as I am loosing my brain cells thanks to the dissertation madness which is currently going on at the various university campus which I work on.

I started crocheting another sample for Ryanna's dress in her selected colours from the shopping trip and yeap I am going to be in for the high long haul. She has turned her noise up at the two colours in the correct yarn for this project. :head desk:

The retail therapy has continued as I have ordered 3X Ruby red coloured Buttermilk DK from Ecoknits along with some Strawberries and Cream which is handmade by Kristina aka Wydnwitch.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Remind me why I dont like acrylic

I could not remember why I do not like acrylic. I honestly could not remember why so today while intoxicated in my local real world LYS I brought a small ball of apparently top quality baby acrylic. I have just knitted the most mis-shappen BSJ out of it. It was horrible. I think that BSJ will quietly go into the nearest rubbish bin I can find since it can never be recycled.

J came with me as he was selecting his yarn for his vest we are talking over 13oo metres on a 5mm needle here. What does he fall in love with but Mirasol Hacho in Verde Ripple? He springs the bill and I managed to add a couple of other items to his shopping list.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Swap time

So for some strange reason probably since I have not been able to sleep thanks to the fires at home I have managed to sign myself up to a washcloth swap. Swaps on ravelry are common but I have never knit a washcloth I thought I better challenge myself with a small project an actually knit one of these things.

So far I have completed about 6 cloths and I have also done a face puff, soap saver, a toothbrush and toothpaste case.

Tasks for the next week includes finding some yarn options for J's Birthday Vest request. So I have signed up to knit for a very long very tall bodied man again. He better bloody well wear it cause if not he will go on the "Never knit for List". Good side of this request is I get to go yarn shopping.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Still knitting like the clappers

Well I have finished yet another BSJ in less than 12 hours with lots of interruptions due to watching the news and jumping up every time the phone rings.

Family out there please ring someone soon we are all on tenderhooks. We have a good family phone tree system just make a call to one person they will do all the rest.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Weekend Lace Wrap finally Finished

After some ups and downs I managed to finish the Weekend Lace Wrap there are a couple of creative adaptations which I am going to keep as I just can not be arsed to fix. I am so over this knit if I worked on this item any more I think I would have thrown it into the kitty litter. It is pretty but I am not ready to do lace again in a long long while. Lace is still my hoodoo guru.

I have cast on a BSJ on and finished it one night. I then cast on a second BSJ in rock bright colours. The news about the bush fires at home as me on tender hooks I just can not sleep as we are worrying about people at home in Oz. We are wondering if Uncle and his family are safe. We also have friends in the key area who no one has heard from. I just can not sleep.

Sunday, 1 February 2009


I have finally seemed to have cracked the Weekender lace pattern ...

So I think it is about time I attempted to list my 52 things in 52 weeks items. This list will be edited with details as and when I have got them along with keeping up a count.
  1. Harrison Hoodies
  2. BSJ for Evie
  3. Weekend Lace Wrap
  4. Rh's Xmas Vest
  5. Sew a new Knitting needle holder
  6. Sew a new crochet hook organiser
  7. Do a felted bag
  8. Pair of socks for Ry
  9. Pair of socks for Rh
  10. Pair of socks for me
  11. Kimono cardigan for me
  12. Shawl of Karen S's Bday
  13. Shawl for Karen H's Bday
  14. Shawl for Karen S's Xmas
  15. Shawl for Karen H's Xmas
  16. Moss stitch washcloth for swap 1
  17. Moss stitch wash cloth for swap 2
  18. Little Fly washcloth for swap 1
  19. Little Fly washcloth for swap 2
  20. St Patrick's day cupcakes
  21. James Birthday 2009 request
  22. Lace edging for place mats for J&E wedding gift
  23. Peeps Ducks
  24. Peeps Bunny
  25. Soap Saver for swap 3
  26. Wash puff for swap 3
  27. Butterfly wash cloth for swap 3
  28. Crochet dress for Ryanna if she ever picks the correct colour ended up with a large swatch for this but since she has not settled on a colour it has been zzzzeded
  29. Jewellery for Summer gifts
  30. Easter cards
  31. Cupcakes for Easter
  32. Hand dye own yarn
  33. Ruby Red Cardigan
  34. James Xmas Vest
  35. Ry Lady February Sweater
  36. Rh New Years Socks
  37. Ry New Years Socks
  38. New Years Socks for myself
  39. Make up new curtains for Ry's room
  40. Make up new curtains for study
  41. charity caps for Girl Guides
  42. Baby knit for Bean
  43. Waistcoats for Kates' bubba
  44. Shawl for Katies going away
  45. Graduation present for Viv
  46. Graduation present for Natalia
  47. Graduation present for Hannah
  48. Motorcycle Girl Cowl
  49. Motorcycle Girl's girlfriend Cowl
  50. Cowl for Ry
  51. Cowl for Karen H
  52. Hat for Ry
ETA: 31 December 2009 I have managed to do all the above and more... In total I knitted about 58 items and then did many other items which could be considered creative.