Sunday, 5 September 2010

Nah I dont Want to!!! I want to do this instead.

I have been working on the Ruby red work cardigan for me for the last couple of weeks.  For once in my life I have been pretty monogamous project wise in an effort to try and get another cardigan done for me.  I just hate how the best laid plans go pear shaped.

So on Saturday night I was working on my cardigan and was thinking that there is something wrong here.  I thought it was the time of night and tiredness.  So I reassessed it on Sunday morning.  Ok lets wet block to see what is going on.

OMG god it would not even fit Hagar the Horrible.  He would label it has weirdly misshaped. Snert would have done a doggie action comment on it.

Dik Browne Comics.
So it is time to potter in the stash box and walk away from the cardigan before I do something completely insane like put it through the shredder so I can compost the yarn. Remember that comment about jinxing myself I think this qualifies as a certified jinxed moment where karma is slapping me round the chops. Yeap it is that good I am not even going to show a picture of this gnarled distortion of a cardigan that even the Hunchback of Notre Dame would struggle to wear comfortably.

So just ignore the bush turkey impersonation that is going on as I go stash driving as I think I have a dose of startisis.  I can see lots of things getting cast on this evening.