Monday, 20 September 2010

Tip you are it

Another Blogger, MakeMineMid-century [MMMC] in her infinite wisdom has tagged me.  She is a petite mastermind and the mother of four lovely children. Thank you for the award and I don't know when she has the time to blog so I must assume she has got multitasking sorted or it really is just Child 4 being put to work.

As part of the award rules this is where I have to drop seven items of information that you never want known about you and you are supposed to tag another 15 people to do the same act of disclosure.

So here are my seven nuggets of gossip blackmail material information which I'd not sure you want to know.

1. I can fall over my feet and have fallen up a whole flight of steps on more than one occasion. I do this quiet frequently, it is not my most elegant moments and it is so embarrassing when I am observed going up stairs. When I walk I watch the floor due to my frequent trips.

2. I am short waisted and I have disproportional long legs to my body which is a 15" (38.1 cm) square lump, shoulder to waist = 15" shoulder to shoulder = 15". Standard length trousers (29 to 32" / 73.66 to 81.28) just don't reach my ankles. Sorry MMC I have the same problem as you finding trousers but for the opposite reason.

Too short trousers

3. Thanks to crap sinuses and mouth breathing I snore when I doze off. I could raise the roof and you never want to share a room with me.

4. I was proposed to by the husbeast at the kitchen while washing up dishes. Yes I broke a dish and left the rest of the washing up for him while I went and had a stiff drink and sat on the back steps to work out what was going on.

Not exactly romantic?
5. I am a total scaredy cat.  My gruff bluster is normally hiding my bundle of nerves. I am absolutely terrified of needles and dentists. I ran away from the army nurse who was giving out needles in the rubble of Cyclone Tracy, she had to chase me down through half a suburb round the rubble to give me a batch of inoculations. She was not gentle after having to rugby tackle me. In Boarding school they use to have to give me the flu jab first after the drama of the first needle in Yr 8.  They would get me to help set up at 7:30 am so as soon as the Doctor would arrive at about 7:45 am I could be given the shot or I would run away. When I did a runner I did it seriously we are talking about running away from the school grounds. The official start time for the rest of the borders would be 8 am. No I don't want to hear how much you hate needles or how sore your arm is or will be. Rabbit on about needles at me and that is it I am off and I will be bolting at top speed out the nearest door. Just don't pussyfoot around if you have to get me a needle, give it quick and don't work me up but telling me things like small prick now.
    Screaming hebiejeebies
    6. As a small child I used to de-seed strawberries.  I mean it, I would pick all the seeds off the strawberry skin before I would eat it.  My poor mother would despair over my issues as I was a picky and difficult eater. Truth be known I still could be classed as one now. Psst dont tell my kids.
    Yes those tiny seeds.
    7. My father was distracted during taxing after landing at an airport and ended on the grass off the runway due to my cousin and I fighting in the back seat of a four seater single engine aircraft. I still don't get on with her and this is some 30 years later.

    Now I am supposed to dob in nominate 15 others.  Sorry but some of my blog roll is uncomprehensible to muggles ie they talk in this foreign language called fibre or like MMC in Swedish so I have only stumped up four blogs.

    1. Yarnfloozies - A tag team who do great pooling work.
    2. A Sulkycat - met this lovely lady in a spinning class at UK knit camp 2010.
    3. Babylonglegs - this dyer extraordinaire keeps making yarn skeins that I desire 
    4. Kelly-handmadeathome - to prove that not all the blogs I read are knitting, crochet or spinning related.  It is sewing this time although she does knit too.