Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Wet Saturday

Normally I have to do the dreaded four letter thing - work - on a Saturday. After which I then normally come home to do the dreaded never ending house chores.

If we had hills the
weather would look like this.
Today I had a rare Saturday off, it was not planned but my appointments were cancelled by student illness and it was too late to reschedule new appointments in those blocks. So this morning we did chores round the house -  my washing machine habit has to be met it is a strange day when I don't get at least two loads of washing done. We all then tootled up to the market to do various errands. It has been a particularly wet day so we were not mooching but rather doing a quick dash for specific items. The boys went one way and us girls went the other.

Brown for weaving.
I took the girl and we to the LYS. I had a mission to find the warp yarn for my next weaving project. I wanted something to suit my project so it was a case of take the hand spun up the street to see what was available. The problem with taking the daughter with me is I should realise this by now she is going to cost me money. Since I was getting some yarn she had to have some yarn.

Ry's yarn selection
It was then we had a quick dash through the market to get additions we need to finish off the leftovers crock pot. Ended up picking some mushrooms, stewing beef and a some pears. We are going to have Beef Burgandy as it uses up the leftover bacon, onions and that 1/2 bottle of red in that I had in the fridge.

Beef Burgundy
So while the kids and James are off at the Vigil mass the kids are serving tonight I am going to sit and knit.  Bella, the toy dog, is wearing my first go on the cricket loom a little piece using one skein of Honey Gorse from the Scottish Tour de Fleece spinning.

Bella modelling weaving 
The first piece of weaving is not enough for a scarf.  A Toy can wear it as a scarf but as Ry models it just enough as neck tie.

Mother take the photo.
I may end up using the weaving as part of a sewing project. It turns out now that the rest of the family are scheming to use my new loom. The yarn selection by Ry is so she can weave a scarf. She has already started to warp up so I will continue to knit on my latest pair of silly socks that I am doing as a two at a time thing using the magic loop technique.

The latest batch of silly socks are triggering ideas in certain members of the family so I might have solved some of Christmas present issues.