Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Triangle Summer Shrug

After sorting out the Skeins that the cat had played with (thanks black duck) It was time to start on the quick projects for the extended family as I am a little behind in the family presents list. Ok time to whip out the crochet hook and start hooking.  

Started with a published pattern but it was just not strong enough to match the colour strength. Ended up frogging that and starting again with just an improvised idea for a Triangle pattern as a strong geometric pattern was needed for this brightly coloured hand dyed yarn.

So I crochet up a shrug in night and the girls and I think yeap its the perfect Bday pressie for K.  What do you know K phones tonight and advises that this year they are only do children pressies only?  WTH???  So do we go ahead with the Bday pressie for the next month or not!!!!  At this stage the project is limbo.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Thanks to small black British short hair cat I now have to re-skein all my current dyeing. She obviously had fun running through the drying rack and then noticed that the skeins were good to bat so being the cat she is she batted once, she batted twice and then she batted some more.

The next project in the house will be a new swift to create manageable skeins when small cats make it necessary to re skein. I can not be cross with the little black duck cause she looked like she was having a ball and when I removed the temptation from her it was "But mum that was fun why would you not like me to have some fun with my YARN" Who's yarn is it Black Duck?

Sunday, 17 May 2009


Occasionally I get some side benefits from the place that pays some of my wages for yarn.  On Friday I spent the afternoon doing dyeing which was great but I did not get to yarn it was all t-shirt type things.

So now the kids and hubby all have some tie-dye shirts and I have the stained hands but more importantly I have now converted some colleagues to the dark side of dyeing!!!  

We did some standard liquid dying but I also did the cheats method using fabric spray.  I think I am about to turn into a dealer!  "..... were do I get some of this stuff,  .... can you get me some stuff"

So I am going to have to investigate how serious some of my colleagues are and I could have a good sideline for the summer here!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hi Ho

Well the Rock Chick BSJ has been blocked and the Saatjee booties have been finished.

I have had some appointments cancelled today but I have to do some bookwork finished but the siren of knitting is calling.  Knitting, Knitting!!!!  But if I do some bookwork I will get paid – if I get paid that means more Yarn  more Yarn means more knitting!  So hi ho it is of to bookwork I go!!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Rock Chick BSJ

Thanks to a late cancelation I have managed to get the Rock Chick BSJ almost finished. To complete the Rock Chic feel I have a pink bear that I will get a shiny black satin ribbon for. I am planning to continue the Rock Chick theme with a Black Babygrow and some Black and pink singlets. I will also have to get some black buttons for the Saartje's booties .

Another Aunty who is conspiring with me on the "Rock Chic" plan for this baby is giggling away. She has a black, purple and pink blanket which looks like it will tone into the BSJ and Saartje's booties. Great minds are thinking alike.