Sunday, 19 September 2010

Avast, International Pirate Day Silliness Aye.

Ahoy an' greetings all 'tis international gentleman o' fortune tidings.  It be th' tide when we drop into th' brogue an' speak de nautical lingo. For yea Land lubbers it is International Speak Like a Pirate Day.  Ye be silly bilge rats 'ere.

Happy Birthday t'S an' we wont mention how many candles thar on top o' th'cake.  We jus' survived th' orientation tides o' th suvy teachin' starts next high tide. Here we be off it be th' start 'o th' teachin' year. I be lookin' fore t' th' start o' teachin' cause we will then get into regular watches.

Yo ho ho you scuvy dogs I am off to get loaded to my gunwhales.  Good Bye me mateys