Monday, 28 October 2013

Hurricane St Jude

It is a wet and windy day here in the UK and I am glad I am not out and about.  We currently have wind warnings for gales force winds of 80 miles per hour plus. So I am quite glad to be knitting away here on another pair of gauntlets.  I made a pair earlier in the month for the daughter just before she returned to Uni for this academic year.

The rest of the family then put their own request for their own pair.  So I have been knitting a manly pattern for the son and the father cause they didn't want lace like the girls.  So we seem to be a mix and match family for accessories this winter.

Given how quickly the bad weather has settled in and looking at the weather map pictures on the BBC I am saying that it is not Autumn but rather winter.  I don't think we will get much in the way of white stuff this year but I think we are going to get lashings of rain.  

It may be Guy Fawkes next week along with Rh's birthday but I don't believe we are having autumnal weather any more.  So keep your heads down and don't get blown away in the wind gusts.