Monday, 6 September 2010

Stash diving like a Bush Turkey.

Since the last disaster of the cardi which could fit Hagar the horrible and a couple of his closest cronies in it, I have been stash diving. It has  definitely been an Aussie scrub or bush turkey scratching effort through the stash and repeatedly redistributing the skeins and balls of yarns. If you want to know about the australian love hate relationship check out makeminemid-century's various blogs (in the bush turkey link) about these animals who many gardeners consider as vermin. They are not bad BBQ-ed and they do rotavate the ground pretty well.

the Marvellous toy

It is amazing how calming spending time in the winding zone is for me.  So what is the winding zone I hear you ask. This is where you set up and wind up ball after ball on this marvellous toy becoming hypnotised by the rhythmic rattle of the cogs and gears. It can be a bit like the whirling dervish effect were the repeated movement and actions send you into an intoxicated trance like euphoria that has the beneficial cause I now have lots of little nicely wound yarn cakes and my stash has been sorted out into various categories.

Some of my hand dyed yarn caked up
It is amazing how order can bring calm to the distressed mind and individual.