Sunday, 1 August 2010

Learning to Spin

My Grandmother has been one of my greatest influences in life including my creative endeavours.  She taught me to knit, sew, bake, preserve and weave.  She also taught me to touch type at age 6. Practical solution for the dysgraphia.

Empty bobbins waiting to be used.

She also spun but it was something I did not learn from her probably due to my visits occurring during the height of the Australian summer.  I knew she was a spinner but it never happened even though I was fascinated by her wheel.  It became a one day wish list item.  One day I would learn to spin.  I had opportunities to try and some playing with others wheels but any time I wanted to get more into spinning and actually become a spinner, life would come and get in the way.  Spinning would be put on hold again.

First yarn spun and plyed by me!

In January I was enabled..... to become a spinner. Woolydoodles and Daisybuttercup (ravnames) saw the spark in my eye and I was invited up to a guild day.  Hello by the end of the day I was driving home with a spinning wheel and I had begun to be a spinner.

ETA: Photo of Feminist Scarf knitted up with this yarn. Outside picture showing more clearly the colours and the wobbly bits in my yarn.

My first yarn knitted up into the Feminist scarf.