Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Survived the GCSE wait and weights

Commando memorial
Well the results are in and we have survived we have a nice batch of grades and daughter has got the specifics required to enrol at her preferred 6th Form College.

She was really sweating for her Mathematics and English marks as they were the ones which the college required As for entry.  Yes it was a high standard but this college is very very selective.

Daughter has got the grades she needed to get into her preferred 6th Form College and the tension which you could cut with a circular needle has been changed in to yarn intoxicated joy. 

Bracken and Lavender
Here have a yarn picture with lavender to help with the calming aroma.  Daughter has been dancing round the house and she has already started counting down to when she starts.  Son is looking at her with the complete horror of "OMG you want to go to school.????." She is odd that way according to her brother.

Knitting wise I have had rip back the knitting of the last couple of days thanks to stress making all sorts of mistakes. Still working on a vest for me at work out some lovely Red Artist's Palette Yarns Buttersoft DK.

Red Buttersoft DK
I am adapting sounds like it was intentional the Komon pattern by Vicki Square to meet my needs at work.  I started it last year lost gauge and stuffed up the mathematical calculations so I frogged it back and started all over again.  Somehow during my holidays I managed to stuff the gauge calculations up again from my swatch and when casting on for the back I ended up casting on the whole piece.  Decision made for me so now I am do in one piece and will split it for the armcyles latter on.

Thanks for messages of support over the last couple of days, we made it. So I will now return you back to your normal program.