Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Selfish Knitting

I personally have a problem with the concept of selfish knitting which is basically knitting for just yourself.  Sounds good means you dont have to deal with family members who do not appreciate your knitting and you can kit yourself out and only knit things you want to knit.

Ok so what is the problem with it.   Well I only knit something if I want to knit it except for the odd teapot cozy which ended up frogged.   The problem I have is when I start to knit for myself a project such as a cardi I get very very sick.  It appears to be proportional to the size of the project and effort required to the length and severity that I suffer from the lergy which interrupts the said selfish knitting for myself.  My daughter has again given me her lergy and it appears to be knocking me for six yet again.  At the moment I am really trying to dodge pneumonia again.