Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Daughter's College Wardrobe

As some may have noticed that the darling Daughter, Ry, is about 6'2" and is as skinny as all heck. Since she has broken up from High School in June we have been working on developing a new wardrobe for her.  Half the problem we have is that things have to be made for her and she is really fussy about her clothes. The closest explanation of her style is that is a fusion of something and steampunk.  (Something = I don't know what to call it.)

It must be a great great ancestor trait passed down from the Yorkshire family were I have a problem with being separated from my brass (money). Fashion is one area where I believe we as consumers are often conned to waste money. I would make a fashionista have a heart attack if they heard my comments about the necessity of function above form.  Recently we have been reviewing everyone's wardrobe and I have always been into recycling and repurposing cause as my granny would say "that is just be canny with your coppers".  Looking at a number of J's business shirts I have been wondering how we could rework them from her now that she is 16.

When she was a toddler I used to rework his business shirts into smocked dresses or summer dresses.  The problem we have been encountering is the fact that J likes to wear his shirts out until his collars are thread bare so we have to do alternatives for collars and necklines.  His excuse is that he is saving money by not going shopping.... read that as he hates going shopping.