Wednesday, 28 July 2010

So how do you say Clapotis?

If any project had a name which it should not have it is this pattern.  I just can not say it without alluding to something straight out of the gutter.   My inner 12 yr comes out to play every time and I have to stifle the giggle.  

I got into trouble last night cause of my short hand - this CLAP... is giving me the Sh*ts.  The bunch of knitters in the corner of a fairly posh pub let out a loud earthy laughing following a quip by our group leader who responded to my statement... A beetroot moment for me.      I had avoided this project due to its over popularity so why am I knitting one because it is part of my UK knit camp homework.  Do I sound like a teenager yet?

Rose's Tearooms spread

Yes I am heading off to a one week Knit Camp as part of my holidays and there is a special afternoon tea party entry requirement is the Clapotis.  I am hoping to meet up with my friend, Mrs Magic (ravname), to have scones with jam and cream, and all things lovely that you expect at a posh afternoon tea.  We like our afternoon teas and have been to Rose's Tea Rooms on the Wirral which we should do again soon as I can skive a day of work and she is in the same region of England.  Mrs Magic has not been at knit night lately as she has been away visiting  gallivanting off seeing friends and family.  By the sounds of the Facebook messages her Clap is lot more advanced than mine...;-P