Monday, 2 August 2010

Count down to our holidays and Knitcamp

I am still knitting on the Capotis, it is going very, very slowly. It is a race to see if I will make it for the afternoon tea next week on Monday. I am still in Section 3 while my tea party colleague conspirator has finished hers and blocked it. I am lumbering along on the Clapotis like a hippo.

A Pretty hippo
 definitely not me.

The rest of the family are getting excited about the holidays and getting away from the house. But between now and then I have to do some of that dreaded stuff called housework. Sorry to swear but I really don't want to come home and then have to do it. That will mean I will have the dreaded housework hanging over me while I am away and it will effect my holiday.   I could find some archaeologically important artefacts in the kids room but more likely it will be junk. I wish I could find some Egyptian statues like the one below.
No chance of a statue for me.