Saturday, 21 August 2010

Reality returns

Well we have made it safe and sound back from Scotland to the outskirts Liverpool. The mail has stacked up and the work is already clamouring...

Sitting on the Fence
Wondering what is happening in the Aussie election looks like another hung parliament. It was bad enough to have one in the UK but good old Oz appeared to be doing better in the global financial crisis this lack of leadership could make the economy dive. That's all now on the financial and political debates of the UK and Australia I have to returning to the monster load of washing that is currently lurking and leering over me. It is taller than me, taller than the daughter so it has to be washed down into submission.

While I have been off line in the last couple of days I have been test knitting a silly sock - so far so good.  Will share pictures when I have got the pattern tested by some others cause I want to reduce the number of boo boos I have in this pattern.