Saturday, 7 August 2010

If you take the high road and I take the low road ....

Yesterday was the madcap nightmare of last minute tasks that had to be done before setting off on the drive to Glasgow.  We made it to our Farm cottage this afternoon after reconnoitring the local services and getting some essentials in for our wildlife (food).  The Cottage is about 7.5 miles from UK Knit camp.  Fields surround us.  The downside is the poor Internet connectivity so I will only be on intermittently over the next couple of days.  Hey it is the family holidays.
The Dreaded Clapotis
Here is the Clapotis with daughter modelling it for me.  It was finished last Thursday and no I have not blocked it yet. You can see our cottage part of the long barn and our holiday front garden deck. We had a lovely dinner out there tonight.

 A Pipy Wendy
The plus side is I actually got some spinning done this afternoon on my new Wendy. As part of this trip I am planning to spin a little each day as a belated Tour de Fleece to ensure that I am getting some spinning practice done each day and learn the quirks of my new wheel.

50 more grams to go

50 grams of Merino with 3% Silk in Purple with gold single on a bobbin,  I have another 50 grams left to do which I hope to Navaho Ply to try and keep the colour changes.