Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Post card swap

One of the groups I play with online are holding a postcard swap and Moo have been running a special for post card printing.  I have been working on a personal postcard project for a while so the swap and the offer has just made me move up my time frame.
Foaming with panic
I have been working on developing a set of travel post cards but part of the swap is to have some local where you are living images problem is I realised is that I don't have that many local images.

Kiama Lighthouse
So I think it is time I head off and do so photos on my way to and from work.  For heavens sake the Super Lambanana sculpture is right out side the main entrance of one of the libraries which I am resident in haunt.  I am so much of a resident security comment if I go home at a reasonable hour that I must be skiving.

So yesterday I did something about it.  I took my camera to work with me.... I have not added my Liverpool photos here but I will flash them later when the first post of the swap has gone out.