Thursday, 26 August 2010

Back to School / August Bank Holiday

We are now officially into school/college count down and are doing those mad cap things that you have to do at the start of the new academic year.  Clothes, Books, pens, pencils, sports kit, haircuts, shoes, glasses.
  • x item - check
  • y item - check
You know what I mean we seem to be surrounded with sharpies and the labelling of belongings for each child along with lots of lists, yellow sticky notes and iron-on school labels.

I am working for most of the long weekend so it is really a case of no rest for the wicked.  I sometimes wonder what I must have done to be classed as so wicked. At the same time I wonder what I have done for the universe to come round so frequently to bite me on the arse.

The current knitting project has suffered quiet alot this week it has been tinked / ripped/ tinked back several times and  I swear one section has been reknitted at least 5 times.  Between the daughter and the cat, who have both ripped the cable needle out of this project, I am beginning to wonder if the universe is really trying to tell me something about this project.  Does it really make my arse look that large or something like that??

5 days to go.....