Friday, 13 August 2010

Highland Fling

On Sunday we saw more men in skirts and so many bag pipes that I don’t expect to get my hearing back for a week.   The family had a lovely day watching the dancing, the athletics, the bands and the heavy lifting events. It was funny to think we could run into a Australian Highland Pipe Band getting into some practice before the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow next weekend.

Knitting wise I have started a teal green jumper for Ry.  Come on not everything I knit for her is green just 95% of what I knit for her is green.  I am using some Drops Eskimo that is lovely since it knits up very very quickly on 8mm needles.  It knits up so quickly I have finished the pack of 10 balls that I brought with me.  I left balls at home cause I did not think I would get up to the sleeves while I was away.  We are sitting on the sleeves at the moment.