Friday, 23 July 2010

UK Knit camp homework

Sometimes the reality that my dyslexia affects me in my everyday life comes and hits me square between the eyes with a 2 by 4. If you have not worked out by some of my antics I can be totally delusional ala last minute Xmas knitting. Anyone for knitting a hoddie jumper in less than 48 hours ???  I sometimes delude myself that my dyslexia does not affect me when I am knitting.

For once in my life I was being a cautious bunny and actually was doing a swatch trial run so as not to damage my pretty wool.  For one knit camp event you need a Clapotis so I was preparing my homework assignment by doing the swatch and little trial run of the instructions. I had got through section one and two parts of the swatch but I just could not get my noggin round section 3 of the pattern. I had read the text and reread the text; and each time my cartoon brain had interpreted the instructions in a different manner.

After whinging like a four year old, a Knitnight knitter with good googlefoo posted a link for me and even with the sound off I got it. Just looking at the pictures of the hands moving and how they were picking up the bar sorted my total confusion out. It just confirmed in so many ways that I am a visual-kinaesthetic learner. So if you decide to do a Clapotis, which is really pretty straight forward once you understand the written directions, you may want to check out this tutorial for doing the dropped stitch.