Sunday, 11 July 2010

Blocking Festival Continues

Since the weather has been appropriate for blocking and I had made the effort for a couple of shawls the festival of blocking continued and another couple of shawlettes were blocked, along with 2 scarfs.

To go with this festival of blocking a photo shoot was scheduled for Sunday afternoon with a parental royal command for both models to attend. Please note the teenager dissatisfaction of placating their mother and her need to supply pictures to her blog.

I know I have not had him for a model since the winter. It is a Eureka moment as I have been unsuccessfully trying to get him for the last 2 years to get a photo of this vest that he demanded as a Xmas 2008 request.  He hardly ever wears it and after the blood sweat and tears that it took to get his sodding lime green colour choice for his requested vest it is almost criminal.... Ummm that could put him on the not knit worthy list but I wont just yet.

This scarf was made out of the Rav Tav Calcutta swap parcel of Araucania Nature Cotton from the Crazyyarnharlot (Ravelry name).  Daughter with her total addiction and devotion to all items green has got her beady eyes on this scarf even when it was just a skein of yarn.

I have learnt a new skill this year and that is spinning.  I even have got addicted to a certain type of spinning wheels and have started to dream about a collection.  Watch out J this could be a problem for your wallet.  As part of the current Tour de Fleece I have been spinning away. So I thought I better photograph a couple of projects from my first pieces of spinning that I have made up.

Here is the Mermaid head scarf that I made for daughter which I can see becoming a favourite of hers during the autumn as she is not keen on hats but will wear a bandana.  The yarn is best described as 100gms of chunky....  But I am getting better. I am starting to learn the personality of my Pipy saxony wheel which of course daughter labelled as "Pippy Longstocking" which is so original but it suits this little double drive wheel.

As you can see daughter has done the Goth thing that most blondes do and dyed her hair darker so she is now a nice Mocca brown.  Thank goodness the hairdressers were able to moderate it a bit and we did not get the inky black but she has gone dark.  Father did a bit of a wobble but I had phoned him and given him a heads up so he could button it in her presence.  I had prepped him for pink, blue or purple streaks but she shocked us all by going brown. No warning because she had been talking streaks in the morning when I left for work and the first clue I had was a text message saying "I now have brown hair". So there was a trip home on the train of OK what is this going to look like and a mad call to hubby to give him the heads up.  She looks good as a brunette but she will always be a blonde in her father J's eyes.   The little scarf she is wearing in this photo is one that I am going to keep for me this winter as it is the feminist colours.

Shock horror I have actually knitted something for myself.  I thought a little lace shawlette for summer to brighten up my work wardrobe of the classic white oxford shirt was an appropriate thing.  But as you can see I think that I must be deluding myself again cause daughter when modelling was rock chicking this and I have a feeling that this lace will be permanently borrowed and be found in her wardrobe.

Toodle pip, Pippy Longstocking  and I have some work to do tonight so I can catch up with my spinning.