Saturday, 17 July 2010


As some may remember I work in academia at more than one institution so it has been a busy week for me as it is Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University's graduation week at the same time.  It is Edge Hill University's graduation week next week.   Normally they manage to stagger the ceremonies to only one institution per week. One of the honourees at Liverpool John Moores ceremonies this week was Kim Cattrall.

In all of this fuss and bother with my monkey suit, the dreaded academic robes, I have had students working on their masters and doctoral dissertations. The submission date for one of the masters' program was last Wednesday. There were a couple students there earlier in the week who were very high maintenance through the last couple of days whom I had to juggle round my participation in at least two ceremonies per day. I have to see them go across to ensure that they are graduating.

In addition to the problem of juggling my time commitments to my current and graduating students I discovered this week that I was short on a couple of graduation presents. I knew it was close but I had miss counted or someone (Ry!) has snorked a shawl from my stash pile in the coal shed. One of the many reasons why I knit and crochet so many shawls is so I can give them away as presents. I like to give useful things.

The coal shed or bunker is my crafting broom cupboard where I have my various crafting stashes stored. I did a quick count last week based on my Ravelry project pages and I thought ok just finish the projects I have on the needles / hooks  and I will right for the graduation pressies this week. But as I was wrapping and writing the cards I made a startling discover Ooh... I am short a shawl. I knew I was short but I did that silly thing and cranked out a project in rappido time so I had enough for the gang on their special day.

Congratulations to all who finished and I am now going off to have a snooze before I go to the next graduation party.