Friday, 9 July 2010

Blocking like Crazy

After knitting a number of shawls I just had not got round to blocking them.  Why the old factors of time and space along in the case of one shawl total disappointment and a fit of rage.  That shawl was going in the bin I had thrown it across the room as I was  so cross with it.

On Wednesday I blocked them.  On Thursday I roped the daughter in for a fashion show and photos. I actually got the photos uploaded and the project pages on Ravelry were updated.

First Cab of the rank is the RavTav Bitteroot that we knitted as a KAL back in March.

Next on the photo parade is April KAL with Zoec - the Haruni.

The Haruni redeemed itself from the corner of shame when it dried.  It was a miraculous stretching effect that occurred when the pattern opened up and suddenly this shawl was growing and growing to a lovely size.