Thursday, 22 July 2010

Knit Camp

Knit camp??? was a comment I recently got during a conversation online with a fellow knitter. Now as some may remember last year in Coventry was the first UK Ravelry day.  This year it has turned into a Ravelry weekend and a prequel knit camp week.

There were so many classes and so many teachers on Ravelry Day 2009 that many complained that too much choice too little time.  I personally crashed out with exhaustion and had to go back to my hotel for a snooze after falling asleep in the Meg Swanson talk  sooo embarrising...  There is also a shortage of events in the UK that you find elsewhere in the world like Knitting Camp which was first started in 1974 by Elizabeth Zimmerman (Meg Swanson's mum).

I have been recently reviewed what classes I have signed up and looking up the homework assignments as a result I think I have solved my dilemma of a new knitting project after the recent melady of meh!   Here is what I have stashed away for this project.  It will most definitely be a rainy day project.