Tuesday, 20 July 2010

All Laced out...

I think that I am officially laced out at the moment.  The push for the shawls last week is probably the cause of this laced out feeling.  Since graduation last week I have not really done much knitting wise.  I have found that I have been looking at  sweater patterns and daughter has been nagging me to get on with some sewing for her.  I just have not had the time to go and play in the coal bunker as I have been caught between work, graduation and graduation parties.

This week we have had a bit of a downer as one of the cats, Zaffy, who liked to play in my yarn and drying dyeing succumbed to a very sudden illness and has had to be sent off to kitty heaven yesterday.  The house is so quiet without her crazy antics and even the older cat is missing the bat out of hell who used to annoy her.

I have managed to score another Philip Poore spinning wheel recently and so I will have a new Wendy, travelling spinning wheel to play with at knit camp.  Can you believe it we have less than 3 weeks to knit camp?  I have been ordering some fibre to replace my Tour de Fleece activities. I think for next year I need to get myself into a fibre club such as one by Debbie of the Hue and Dye blog organises through her online shop.