Friday, 4 March 2011

Plodding along

Like many I find the balancing of life sometimes a little difficult to do.  Yesterday I got knitting time the hard way, definitely not the recommended way. I was doing the routine things that everyone does when getting ready for work or start of day such as having a Shower and I managed to fall out of it. Not just a mini trip or knocking my toes on the bathtub rim but a lets plant the face first onto the bathroom floor as I attempted to step out of the bathtub. Our shower is over one end of the bathtub. 

After rearranging self for decency and attempting to get a look at the damage I found that I would not be getting up off the floor without assistance.  A pitiful cry of help went out and the youngest came to rescue me.  I got given my glasses so I could look in focus at the damage not just blurr. A winnie the pooh band aid was applied to my broken skin on the foot to stop bleeding and a small dose of sympathy in "That was a silly thing to do" handed back to his mother. It was a funny to hear my own and my mother's commentary and phraseology coming out of the mouth of babes.   He got me off the floor and downstairs, a bag of frozen peas and looked again at the bruise when he commented "Can I stay home and look after you cause you wont be able to go to work". Thank you that is a lovely offer but now tell me why you dont want to go to school. It turns out he had to do a class presentation and the thought of standing up to speak was giving him the hebie jebies.  He went to school and presentation went well.

Last pair of socks which were worn to keep tooties from freezing.
He was right I was not able to go to work.  I could not even put the foot on the floor to do any weight baring. Dad (J) had done the train run and gone into work early as Thursday is his early start.  I managed to call him before he started teaching at 9am and we decided that he would drop by in a couple of hours to review if I needed to do a hospital trip after his morning class. We have a local hospital but it does not do Adult A&E or minor injuries.  So I was thinking it would be lunch time and was getting settled to do some knitting after contacting all the students whom I was standing up or sitting up when Hubby came home early due to a flat tyre in the wheel chair.

People are fascinated with 4 dpn hedgehog
So I ended sitting a round a lot today and waiting. Thus I was sock knitting in public a lot of hours today. Drive to bike shop 10 mins. The two attempts to get wheelchair wheel sorted equalled 50 minutes sitting in car park. Getting to adult minor injuries 30 min drive. 1 hour after checking in with reception I got seen by triage nurse,  sent round to minor injuries section to spend 2 hours before doctor confirmed in 3 minutes it needed xraying. 2.5 hours in xray waiting room. Xrays done in 10 minutes. Sent back round to minors waiting room another hour to be seen in 10 minutes flat to confirm diagnosis and be given treatment (RICE & current orthotic shoes).  Drive home 30mins. Both J and I at this stage were going urrrgh about feeding the household so we picked the kids up and went out to a pub tea. Daughter of course managed to have her favourite dessert.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

All in all today can be summarised as
Bad points
  • metatarsal damage ie Footballer break to 2nd and 3rd tarsal.
  • missing students sessions and therefore the pay from seeing students = less yarn
  • waiting around a lot
Good points
  • I got to knit a LOT
  • I got some lovely comments for the possum socks, Wangi's, from the various nurses, doctor and radiographer.
  • I got some serious advancement on my Dublin bay socks
  • Taught a couple of other patients in radiography to knit and convinced  some others to join Ravelry
  • Got a pub tea