Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Running out of time

I am running out of time on MIA 2 we have T minus 6 hours until she jets off to Greece on the school trip.  I have half of two sleeves left to do along with sewing it up, doing the neck band and blocking it.  I also have to finish sewing the lining into the skirt.  With this shockingly short time frame before she walks out the door I just don't think it is going to happen so I am activating plan C for contingency.  I am slightly delusional but not totally.

Two fronts done.
As per normal when you have a deadline life has interrupted and having the great effect of dumping me on my arse.  I should have taken this project with me when I spent the 8 hours + waiting round the Southport hospital last week but I grabbed the easy grab my sock in progress bag.  I am also pretty sure the hubby would have spat the dummy at me knitting a jumper while in A&E.  Sock is acceptable but full-sized large project in public a little embarrassing for him in most places. 

Blocking of the MIA 1 project, Carnaby Skirt
Plan C.

  1. Finish inserting the lining into the skirt and making sure buttons are firmly attached.
  2. Step out of the way and let hubby and daughter do the packing of her bags.  Homicide is not an option but could be on the cards if I am involved in packing bags with daughter.
  3. Knit on sleeves but don't try and kill self to complete them tonight.
  4. Find an ice pack and bottle of rum for after daughter leaves at 2am tomorrow.
  5. Send text message to daughter tomorrow and remind her I want a decent photo of her in the skirt in Greece.