Thursday, 31 March 2011

What happens when a item goes off to its intended recipient?

At times I wonder about becoming a selfish knitter. You see I make a lot of items for my loved ones. It is general a gift from the heart for a seasonal occasion like Christmas or anniversary event such as a birthday.

Ape and George from the
George of the Jungle movie
Dear Hubby, J, was on the no knit list for almost 10 years after a white Aran cabled jumper was made to his precise specifications and then never was worn by him.... I knew when he picked the wool it was too hot and he would not believe me. Heck what did I know I had only been married to him approximately 10 years by that stage and knew that he was my personal hot water bottle system.  I relented in 2008/2009/2010 made him 2 vests and 1 jumper. I can honestly say I have not seen him wear any of them more than once or twice..  You wonder why when you consider how big he is that he has been put back on the no knit list. NAH not when you consider he is a silver back gorilla I have had to knit extremely long stretches between neck and waist or shoulder to wrist.

This labour of love has been
 seen on the floor frequently.
Daughter, Ry, well where do I start... She should be on the NO knit list thanks to the way she looks after items I have knitted for her. If you want to have an overview of my projects over the last couple of years just look on her bedroom floor. Lately she has scored some items since I am trying to Stash Down and she scored the Reynolds merino/mohair mix that I can not use for my own garments. 
An old Billy vest for Rh.
Of the three of them Rh, aka the boyo (the son) is actually the most appreciative of his knitted items.  He loves knitted socks and wears his jumpers and vests to a point past where they no longer fit him. That is an interesting crop top vest? I have had to steel old vests off him cause he would keep wearing them when they would not even cover his kidneys. He is almost due for some new items once I get the never ending queue of projects beaten down a bit to a more manageable level.