Wednesday, 23 March 2011

MIA project update

In the end neither MIA1 the Carnaby skirt and the MIA 2 Hunting Jacket got to go with the daughter on her trip to Greece. The finishing of MIA1 did not happen before she walked out the door to get on the plane at an ungodly hour of the night (2 am) and we are still at that point in time on the projects. The complexities of real life has got in the way. I did not get any further with the sleeves while she was away but she had a great time and is even keener on doing History at Uni.  Funny how kids change their minds about University as until 18 months ago she was all Science gun ho now she has the humanities bent.  I think this the better option because I feel she can engage in the subject better and she appears to have a real flair in an associated subject (Creative Writing) ala her Nanowrimo and other story telling activities. History and Creative Writing can be done as double major so she has some job prospects even if she goes into teaching.  Shock Horror the thought of another generation containing a teacher. We have 4 or 5 generations depending on which side of the family you look.

I have managed to cast on another couple of projects but I am way behind cause I am not getting much done as I have had to stop basically most projects to do a urgent project or two to expand my interview portfolio for the Creative Crafts Degree.  Some days I doubt myself about this change in direction but I then remind myself what have I got to loose and is it really that important to maintain the existing status quo.

Point Current StatusDo the Creative Crafts
Pay Check.
Existing pay check but it we are pretty sure it will be  
smaller in the next academic year thanks to systematic changes to HE Funding.
Scholarship to cover the fees available
Bursary for 3 years equals 1/2 existing pay check.
Private support students only need a couple and will match existing pay check. 
    Love the 1:1 student interaction
    But hate the complex politics and management stress
      Getting out of the rat race and being able to develop a further area.
      Stop stressing about workplace which is making miserable.
      Potential to develop a design enterprise
        HealthDeveloping more issues with auto immunities the ability to work full time reduced. So would I really want to do this many hours and not have a home life to using all my spoons for work.Why not work part time in something you love
        How much longer will you have the functioning to do the course
          Life StyleA little bit bored in the job
          Lack of workplace intellectual stimulation and no possible future opportunities for promotion.
            Learning new things
            Have a long term interest in the area.
            Opening up another teaching subject area and thus future career options

              There are other reasons why I jumped at this opportunity

              • I needed a change as I felt I was in a rut 
              • Cancer opened the eyes to consider that not putting creative side of life on hold any longer
              • Life is too short to be doing something cause it pays the bills.
              • Need to enjoy more life with the family rather than always be recovering for spending the hours at work.  Cancer provided a wake up to how much life can be effected by running out of spoons.

              So the point of this post.  To remind myself to stop being a wuzz and having the collywobbles over the whole decision to apply for a new undergraduate degree.