Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring is definitely here now.

I really don't trust the crocuses and daffodils to be a sign of spring. For me spring is definitely here when the cherry trees blossom. The yellow of the broom is a sign of Spring is almost established but when the cherries bud and bloom is Spring most definitely here to stay and we are on our way to warmer weather. Should I say relatively warmer weather as we are talking about England here.

On Monday I saw the pink buds of the cherry tree and it seems it was a symbolic sign for me. Chemo ended this week whoo hoo! and I have an opportunity to do something I have wanted to do for many years but did not have the access to do. On Monday I saw that new undergraduate course is being offered starting in September 2011 at one of the local universities and applications were to be in for this week. The fastest ever UCAS application was done and submitted. A phone call later from the admissions tutor and it appears that I am in provisional dependant on my interview on Monday Two weeks time. I just have to pass the interview process.

Its not that I am giving up the Dyslexia support and other work I do but the uncertainty factor is getting higher and higher and the pressure in the institutions is squeezing tighter and tighter. Life is just too short for this sort of hassle YKWIM?? Added to the hassle of working full time in the HE sector, the part time PhD has been on hold for almost 12 months thanks to the ConDem government and it is apparent that it is not worth continuing as the classroom will be a completely different when ever they finally announce all their plans. With the recent bout of chemo and the navel gazing that it induced I feel with all the change happening in the HE sector it was time for me to change again. I have changed career on more than one occasion it looks like right now is the perfect opportunity. I had been toying with going back and getting a new engineering degree for a few years but hubby had threatened divorce as he felt that it was not the course what I was looking for.  He was right but I could not find what I was looking for course wise. I did not want to do structural engineering as I was more enamoured with product design and the limited production of handcraft items.  I did not want a single craft program like ceramics but one which allowed me to participate in multiple design sectors.  

So for the next week or so I have to develop a portfolio and prepare a number of samples for the interview so I can be a full time student in Creative Crafts.  Imagine being able to knit for a University class assignment. It will be a novel experience for me to be a full time uni student and half time part time work. I have always done Uni as an add on to Full time work and everything else. So I am going to be flat out like a headless chook for the next week or so getting ready for my interview cause I really really want to do this course. Keep all your bits crossed for me.