Monday, 28 February 2011

Mission Impossible 2

I managed to get the first mission impossible knitting project completed fairly rapidly (Saturday to Wednesday).  I started to look round at jackets to go with the skirts. The skirt is almost finished but I basically have to have some daylight hours with the blocked skirt, my sewing room and with myself together at the same time to put the skirt lining that daughter has requested into the finished knitted skirt.  She actually took the skirt up to the fabric shop without mother to get the lining and choose the buttons by herself. So now it is just a case of doing this finishing and then she will be set for Greece in less than three weeks actually almost two weeks.

Mission Impossible 2 is the creation of a matching jacket to go with this skirt.  For a while there I did not think I would get there but daughter finally made a decision on a pattern. Thanks to all those who suggested patterns but she has gone with a Kim Hargraves pattern called Darcy which I will have to do major adaptations to make sure I fit her almost Amazonian body. Well at 6'2", its Amazonian to me and now it is most definitely a knit down to the wire job.

In between the pattern decision making process I also managed to finish the possum yarn socks that I started earlier in the month. Said daughter has done that thing she does with all things that I knit which are green. She has gone "I Want" "Can I have please MOMMY!!!!!!!  Pretty Please??? When Zoec sent me the yarn I warned her that daughter would do this.  Zoec also suggested the pattern as well which is Cachoeira by Kristi Geraci.

Wangi - dont they look like waterfalls
I am halfway through the d pair of my a-z kal socks and want to get them finished before my yarn for the e pair arrives. I am only a couple of days behind but I think the MI2 knit the peplum moss stitch jacket also known as Darcy will cause the next pair of socks to run late as well. I think the name had something to do with the selection as Pride and Prejudice is also a well loved novel.  She even has the good taste to prefer the Colin Firth production.