Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Skill + 1UP

Last year I took the challenge of working on my Lace skills.  It was about 18 months ago after many many attempts and a bit of determination did I finally get how to read lace charts.  I have become so familiar and comfortable with the charts in the last 12 months that I now find looking at written instructions to be a pain in the arse and sometime confusing. Who woulda thunk for this dyslexic bunny?? I just needed the hand holding and support from the ravelry beginner lace knitters group!

To think I struggled the first time I knitted this pattern.

This year I am working on developing my technique knowledge and skills through the use of socks. This is where I using sock projects to work on alternative construction techniques and approaches such as toe up, two at a time and different heels construction.

One of the recent completed sock patterns.
I am also trying to improve my colour work and design skills and the sock projects are giving just enough practice for each. I am doing the lace challenge again but this year all the patterns are more advanced and this is a reflection that I am advancing in my skills.  I am also working on my spinning I am determined to get better at lace weight.