Sunday, 13 March 2011

Rav Taver's surprise parcel BOO.

The RAVTAV or Ravelry Tavern is a online thread were a bunch silly ravelry members play regularly with great frivolity and virtual booze.  We have a Gorilla as a barkeep and the cleaning crew are bunch of fairies and elves. The standard drink measure is a bucket of rum.  Note a bucket not a glass we dont believe in half measures.

A gang of regulars in the tav recently sent me a care package. Finally I have had some sunlight today so photography was possible but I had work and therefore I delegated this to the boys ie Hubby and son.

The unpacked box in sunlight
As you can see I scored a bevy of monsters that each make me laugh great guffaws and chuckles. I was laughing so hard in the post depot car park when I got the box that I had streams of hysterical tears down my face. Even my normal house postie (who nipped out the back of the depot to the delivery van car park for a ciggie) laughed when he came over to see if I was all right. I must have looked a sight sitting in the car as I always go blotchy when I cry even when it is due to laughter.

The disabled parking for the local post depot is actually in the main depot van delivery area and you have a special little buzzer and the person manning the parcel desk comes out to see you.  The special parking arrangements are so you don't have to get out the car and attempt to get in the building via the most un-disabled friendly entrance to a building I have ever encountered for a public service agency. I had already done the buzzer and the parcel desk postie had collected the card and brought the box back to me. I could not wait to home so it was lets break into the interesting red parcel in the car.

Patience is a virtue which I just don't have when it comes to parcels. I prod and poke mail parcels to the nth degree. I totally know I get this from my mother who as nefarious for investigating christmas pressies in the same manner. So I  creating complete chaos in the front seat while roaring with laughter over each item. Of course when when my house postie asked I told him all about ravelry and the silly gang while showing him everything that had come out of the box. Postie had that look when I had finished raving about every item which said "I will just agree with the deranged woman and she will eventually leave me alone"

So my house postie wants a copy of any photos for his bit of the wall in the depot. I think it was going to go up with a comment of the weirdest and wackiest parcel he has ever been involved in with the delivery (he did the card slippy thing in the door). I already have a reputation for mugging the postie who is on whenever I am waiting for a yarn parcel.
Give me my wool now !!! pretty please!
So here is another big thanks to gang who did this box for me and a heads up of who made what:
  • a Yip Yip Alien from hishummingbird
  • Fur monster from dawnmc71
  • a Pirate duck from maggiesocks
  • a Captain Jack Sparrow and pirate theme-d sweatshirt from Jlwiemelt
  • a sock monster who are holding onto a pair of socks and some heavenly fibre from wonkyknitter
  • a grumpasuraus who could have been me for the last couple of months from bzzymom29
  • a slug family from Lissaplus2
  • A lovely little bag and green Cyclops alien monster from Twirlymom
  • large green slug from sishogan
  • a nautilus by geneticsgirl
  • a Little Alien and mini monster from Samiad
  • a couple of cards and a joint letter from the gang.
Also a big thank you to all the other co-conspirators who managed to keep it a secret for so long while being in on it.   

With much loves and thanks,